Oct 08

Pride of the NW Marching Competition! Information

Good Evening Everyone -

We are rapidly approaching our first Marching Band competition that will require us to travel. This event takes place at Grants Pass High School on October 13. I will attempt to cover all the details in this email.

We will utilize school buses for the trip down and back. There will be two buses with adult chaperones on each bus. Buses will arrive at Sprague Saturday morning at 6am and leave for Grants Pass at 6:30am. We should arrive at GPHS around 10:30am. We will be at GPHS all day and the kids will be staying in the gym overnight (more on this later). We will leave GPHS Sunday morning at 8:30 am which should put us back to Sprague approximately 12:30pm.

Kids will be allowed to be in the gym at GPHS all day. They will be sleeping in the gym overnight Saturday night and leaving from GPHS Sunday morning. There will be gender specific chaperones staying with the kids in the gym and the kids will be separated by gender during the night. If you are traveling to watch the show and are staying the night (or leaving after the event Saturday) you are welcome to have your child stay with you or go home with you. But you MUST contact Dr. Greenwood in advance and let him know of the arrangements so we can document it. The buses will NOT leave GPHS Sunday morning until all kids are accounted for. If you take your child without letting anybody know, you will delay the entire band from leaving Sunday morning.

Lunch and dinner will be provided on Saturday during the competition. We will also order pizza to have in the gym once the event is over during the time the kids are allowed to relax and socialize. Please be sure to send a reusable water bottle as we will have large water jugs available during our entire stay at GPHS. We will provide a light grab and go breakfast Sunday morning before the kids load buses to head back to Salem. There will be food vendors and concessions available at the stadium also if your child chooses to eat there at their expense.

What to bring
Students are encouraged to bring sleeping bags and pillows for sleeping in the gym. Bus storage will be limited so they are encouraged to pack light but bring whatever is necessary for an overnight stay. Please pack a small overnight bag with clothing and toiletries. We will have access to the locker rooms and showers for those who choose to use them. Please pack a towel. If your child uses any medication please be sure to pack that and provide them instruction on using it. Chaperones are not allowed to administer medication. If you are concerned about your child and medication please send me an email with specific instruction and your authorization to supervise the use of the medication and we will make sure your guidelines are followed. PLEASE BE SURE TO TAG SLEEPING BAGS AND PILLOWS SO THEY DO NOT GET LOST.

Equipment trucks
We will be packing the equipment trucks with instruments, food carts, props, etc Friday after rehearsal. If you would like your child’s sleeping bag and/or pillow to ride in the equipment truck please have it at the school by 6pm Friday. Please put it in a large plastic (garbage) bag with the student’s name on it and we will load it in one of the trucks and have it at GPHS when they arrive. This will reduce the amount of personal items on the buses. Trucks will be leaving Salem Friday Night for Grants Pass, and will not be available in the morning.

Please be sure your student arrives at Sprague Saturday morning at 6am wearing (or possessing) show shirt, shorts and long black socks. They are welcome to wear sweats or jeans while traveling but they MUST have shorts for the competition. And let me say again LONG BLACK SOCKS. They must come at least to mid calf. Again, the kids will be sleeping in the gym so they should have something comfortable and appropriate for sleeping.

Saturday October 13
6:00am arrive Sprague High School
6:30am leave Sprague
10:30am – 11 arrive GPHS

11:00am Lunch
1:51pm first performance
5:15pm Finals begin. Sprague’s performance time will be based on placement from prelims
Dinner will be served based on when we perform in finals
8:45pm Finals awards
9:30pm Move to gymnasium for pizza and social time
11:30pm Lights out

October 14
7:00am Grab and Go Breakfast at Grants Pass High School
8:00am Load buses
8:30am leave GPHS
12:30pm -1pm Arrive Sprague

More information on the event can be found at http://nwapa.net/all_events/pnw/

If you have questions please feel free to contact me at info@spragueband.org or pres@spraugeband.org. Dr. Greenwood can be reached at GREENWOOD_RICHARD@salkeiz.k12.or.us