Aug 26

Band Day September 8th

All right. Calling all available Marching Band and Color Guard Parents.

We are only a couple of Saturdays from our biggest (most important) fund raiser of the year.

Yes, Saturday September 8th is Band Day.

We are in need of 20 volunteer drivers to shuttle our band kids through designated routes identified in our South Salem community.

This is pretty much an all day event with refreshment breaks and a lunch break.

We will provide the neighborhood maps and guidelines for all drivers and band members.

I currently have 5 drivers already.

We will be asking your kids this week, to come home after their day at band camp and ask if you can help.

I can not stress enough, that the help we receive, truly makes this fund raiser a success.

We have been doing this fundraiser for decades. It is really our bread and butter if you know what I mean.

All drivers will need to insure their volunteer status through the Salem Keizer School District.

What this means,…if you are not a registered volunteer, you must complete the volunteer application available on line through the district’s website.

We will also need an insurance document filled out prior to the event. You can respond to this post directly and I will place you on the drivers list.

If you have any questions at all, please contact our president Shawn Davison, Anne Nelson, and of course myself (Kevin Schultz).

Thank you for your time and consideration. Go Olys