This page contains instructions on how to obtain Sprague Band concert attire.


The Sprague standard black concert dress is available from: “Tuxedo Wholesaler”.
This is the URL for their online order form.
The dress style is “Jordan – Classical”. It must be Black only – not the purple or blue one.
Cost: $64.50 plus shipping. (as of 10/2018)
The web page has a sizing chart and measurement instructions.
This is the concert dress Sprague uses for Wind Ensemble,
Orchestra, and Symphony. Since they’re lightly worn, one concert dress
will likely last your entire career at Sprague. It is machine-washable.
Since we always use this same dress style, it can be resold to another
student after graduation. Your dress will need to be hemmed to length
after it is delivered.


The standard concert attire for men is a plain black tuxedo, black
bow tie, and white tux shirt.  No vest or cummerbund. Suspenders are
your option. Tuxes can often be found at local formal shops, or vendors
Tuxedo Wholesaler: (see URL above), or…
Uniformal Wearhouse:

Costs are comparable to that of a concert dress.

Buy the cheapest plain black tux you can find, and you’ll look fine
on stage. You’ll also be in good shape for any formal social event.
After you’ve rented a tux once or twice, you might as well have owned
one outright.

Please direct any specific personal questions or issues to Ms. Vowles.