Jun 18

2014/15 Info for Parents


Welcome to the 2014/15 Sprague Band year of activities. Two new documents are available.

Introduction to the Band and Colorguard Boosters 2014

2014 Marching Band Fee Contract

Payments are due as follows:
Deposit: July 18, 2014
Paid in Full: August 18, 2014

Apr 18

[Sprague Band News] How to order concert wear

This post contains instructions on how to obtain suitable concert attire.


The Sprague standard black concert dress is available from: “Tuxedo Wholesaler”.
This is the URL for their online order form.
The dress style is “Jordan – Classical”. It must be Black only – not the purple or blue one.
Cost: $57.50 plus shipping.
The web page has a sizing chart and measurement instructions.
This is the required concert dress for Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Symphony. It is also suitable (though not required) for Symphonic Band. Since they’re lightly worn, one concert dress will likely last your entire career at Sprague. It is machine-washable. Since we always use this same dress style, it can be resold to another student after graduation. Your dress will need to be hemmed to length after it is delivered.


The standard concert attire for men (all ensembles) is a plain black tuxedo, black bow tie, and white tux shirt.  No vest or cummerbund. Suspenders are your option. Tuxes can often be found at local formal shops, or vendors such as:
or Uniformal Wearhouse

Costs are comparable to that of a concert dress.

Buy the cheapest plain black tux you can find, and you’ll look fine on stage. You’ll also be in good shape for any formal social event. After you’ve rented a tux once or twice, you might as well have owned one outright.

Please direct any specific personal questions or issues to Dr. Greenwood.


Aug 28

[Sprague Band News] Reminders for the last day of Band Camp!

Greetings all band and colorguard family,

Just a few reminders about tomorrow:

8:30am – call time for the band

Noon – lunch provided by boosters
- and Colorguard is welcome to join us!

1pm – call time for colorguard

2pm – “Meet the Band & Colorguard”….come watch your student show off what they’ve learned at camp, and get a sneak peek of the show!  All parents, friends and family are invited – meet in the stadium

**note:  evening guard rehearsal cancelled**

Immediately after student performance – Ice Cream Social….at the outside entrance of the band room….stay a few minutes and have an ice cream sundae and visit with students and parents.  This is the place to find a seasoned parent and ask all those things you’ve been wondering about.  Everyone Welcome!!

Thank you everyone for being flexible – band camp is always a work-in-progress….I promise, the schedule calms down once the students are back in school next week!

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Aug 27

[Sprague Band News] PCI Opportunities

Greetings Band & Guard Families,

We had a great meeting last night for the P.C.I. planning.  The next one will be next Wednesday, at 6pm, in Sprague’s forum (the big boardroom across from the office).

While much has been accomplished, we still need a hand with a few things:

First off:  if you have a quad vehicle or UTV that we could borrow for the day of PCI, we would be most appreciative!  Please email pres@spragueband.org

NEXT……drum roll please!!!!……..

We have secured a title sponsor, and have several other sponsors for trophies and such!!  YAY!!

That’s where you come in……

If you know of anyone who might be interested, or are interested yourself, ads and sponsorships are still available. 
Please go to Spragueband.org, click on the PCI link and scroll down to the sponsorship information.  There are several trophies available, as well as ad space in the program for PCI. 

There are two options that have been very popular in the past:

1.  A personal ad for your student in the PCI program – this costs just $25 and is a great way to tell your kiddo how great of a job they are doing – or embarrass them a little – take your pick!  We can include a small picture, and text is limited to 100 characters.

2.  Prelim Trophy Sponsorship has been fun for students past and present – many families have sponsored a trophy ($50) and then had their student give the trophy to the winning band at PCI – it’s a fun way to get the kids out on the field and interacting with other bands.  Plus, who doesn’t like to hand out a trophy???

As always, thank you for your support of our band and colorguard program – the boosters simply couldn’t do what they do for the kids if it weren’t for all the generosity of parents, friends, and family.   It all means so much to this program and I thank you on behalf of the students and Dr. Greenwood for your time and talents.

If you have questions about the sponsorships, trophies or PCI in general, please email our chair:  Tom Bowers   PCI@spragueband.org

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Aug 27

[Sprague Band News] Band Day Needs

Hi Band and Color Guard parents,
I still need drivers for band day, if you are interested please let me know.

TBeach8994@yahoo.com or 503 931-5288…anytime

Please sign up today to help out our kids!!!!   Criminal background checks need to be done ASAP.

We need about 7 more drivers

Thank you to those who have signed up, I really appreciate it.*o|^_^|o music

Janelle Woodring
Marilyn Edwards
Julie Kahn
Bitsy Bullock
Tom Bowers
Jim Treat
Brent Lanahan
Alison Wadsworth
Julie Warncke
Steve North
Amy Nassett

Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you,

Tonya Beach
Band Day Coordinator
Go OLYS!!!!!!!

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Aug 24

[Sprague Band News] Reminders and Small Changes for the week

Greetings all –

Just a few reminders and changes for this last week of band camp:

Band Schedule:

Monday – Thursday: 
8:30 am – 4:30pm (we lost the field for the evening hours)

8:30am – call time
Lunch provided today!
2:00pm – “Meet the Band” in the stadium – please come and watch the students show off what they’ve learned the last two weeks!!
3:00pm – Ice cream social

Guard Schedule: 

Monday – 8am – 4:30pm – time change from original schedule
Friday – 6pm – 8pm
“Meet the Colorguard” – TBA, stay tuned!!
Saturday – 8am – 4:30pm – time change from original schedule


Tuesday, September 2 rehearsal:  time change to 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Wednesday, September 3 rehearsal:  6:00pm – 8:30pm, as scheduled

Saturday, September 6 – BAND DAY!!!! 
This is an ALL group fundraiser that is vital to our program.  Please arrive ready to go and with a good attitude – it’s a long day, but it saves TONS of fundraising later – see you Saturday Morning!!

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Aug 21

[Sprague Band News] PCI Meeting!

There will be a planning meeting for PCI on Tuesday, August 26th, at 7PM, at the home of Tom Bowers – 5363 Sparta Loop 

Please join us if you can – PCI is a huge undertaking for our Booster group and provides funds for our marching band, colorguard, concert season, instrument purchase and repair and travels for wind ensemble!!  We need all hands on deck to make the 33rd annual PCI it’s best!!
Thank you!!
questions?  Email Tom Bowers, chair of PCI at:  pci@spragueband.org

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Aug 17

[Sprague Band News] Band Day will be here soon!

Hi Band Parents,
Band day is approaching and I still need drivers to make the day successful, if you are interested please let me know, also if you are new to the Sprague Band family and want to volunteer please get your criminal background check done as soon as possible, the district gets really busy this time of year – we have a link at Spragueband.org to help you get them filled out online!  Check it out!
Band Day is one of our two BIG fundraisers for the year, and we need your help to make it happen!!  Save the date:  September 6, 2014 – ALL DAY
Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!
Tonya Beach,
Band Day Chair

Thank you to these drivers who have already signed up:
Janelle Woodring
Marilyn Edwards
Julie Kahn
Bitsy Bullock
Jan Soper

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Aug 17

[Sprague Band News] ~~~Band Camp starts TOMORROW~~~

Greetings all -

Just a few reminders about band camp….

When:  8:30 am – 4:30 pm, August 18 – 22 and August 25 – 29

****note:  veteran field marchers do NOT need to be at Sprague until 1 pm on Monday, August 18th.  All incoming new marchers should arrive by 8:30 am.  Front Ensemble is scheduled for ALL DAY****

Where:  Meet in the Band room at Sprague

Bring:  water, lunch, water, sunscreen and water!  (your instrument too!)

Wear:  Comfortable clothes, and closed toed shoes – flip flops and/or sandals are going to make your feet HURT and don’t work for marching

A few notes:

There will be an opportunity to “meet the band” and see what they’ve learned during the two weeks on Friday, August 29.  Time to be announced.  This will be a potluck affair, so please bring your specialty!! 

The food crew is feeding the kids lunch on Wednesday, August 20th and Friday, August 29th.  No need to bring lunch those two days.

If you need paperwork, all the forms are available at:  spragueband.org 
Please get them filled out ahead of time, along with the medical release and have them ready to turn in on Monday when you arrive.

Thank you!!

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Aug 12

Email list update


The email list for the Sprague Colorguard has been rolled-into the Band email list. All existing colorguard email list members have been added to this one list, which we’ll use for all notifications about the Band and Colorguard activities.

Aug 08

[Sprague Band News] Boosters!!

Hi all,

Thursday, August 14th, at 7PM the Boosters will be having a regular business meeting, followed immediately by a meeting for P.C.I. in the band room at Sprague!!
Please join us and learn all about what both of these groups do – the meetings are always open, so plan on stopping by…sometimes…there’s even cookies!!  
We always need extra hands to make our band and colorguard programs work, and some of the best memories that I have of my sons’ marching band seasons are the times I’ve spent with the other volunteers!!  I’ve met some good friends, and always enjoy working on our many projects together.  Please consider joining us – we would love to meet you!!
Please email pres@spragueband.org with questions
Thank you!

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Aug 03

Band Day Info


Hello Sprague Band and Color Guard students and parents!!!!


Hello everyone! This is Tonya Beach the Band Day 2014 Coordinator. Band Day this year will be

held on Saturday, September 6th. For all our incoming students and parents who might not

know what Band day is here’s what it is all about.

This fundraiser is in its 19th year at Sprague. All Band and Color Guard members will be

participating in our largest fundraiser event of the year. Students are grouped into units of four

members and are driven to different neighborhoods within Sprague’s attendance boundary by

parent volunteers. Students will wear their uniforms and go door to door asking for donations.

Students and drivers will receive $5.00 each towards their lunch. Snacks and water bottles will

be provided in each car.

The school will be open for bathroom breaks and to drop off money.

Students will report to Sprague in the morning, change into their uniforms and be given safety

instructions by student leaders. Call time is 9:00 a.m. and will finish by 5:00 p.m. Proceeds from

Band Day help fund the band and color guards activities year round.

Here’s how you can help:

Parents Drivers: Parent drivers will transport four students to a designated

neighborhood, within the Sprague boundary area. A map of your coverage area will be

provided. Driver responsibilities include ensuring the safety of the students, returning

donations to Sprague, and returning students to Sprague at the end of the event. The more

drivers we have the more ground we can cover.

Parent Helpers: We also collect a lot of bottles and cans during band day so we will need

people to sort and bag them at the school.

important Volunteer Information: If you would like to volunteer as a Band Day

driver you MUST have a Salem-Keizer School District Background Check on file. Please fill out a

background check form as soon as possible and send it to the address listed at the bottom of

the form. You can find that form here:




Sign up Now:

Drivers: Please email me at TBeach8994@yahoo.com if you are interested in being a driver.

Please include your name, phone number and student’s first and last name.

On the morning of Band Day you will be required to fill out a driver release form, so make sure

you bring your insurance information (insurance policy number, name of company and

expiration date) with you. Also check to make sure that your Driver’s License in valid.

Students: Sign-up sheets will be in the band room during band camp. If you sign up with a

group, plan to stick with it. Last-minute changes cannot be accommodated. Pay attention to

whether your parent is also going to be a driver.

If you have a schedule conflict it is your responsibility to contact Dr. Greenwood and discuss it

with him as soon as possible.

If you are unable to volunteer:

If you are unable to volunteer but still want to help in some way we are happy to accept Winco

gift cards or cash to help pay for water bottles and snacks for each car . Please contact me.

Thank you,


Tonya Beach TBeach8994@yahoo.com or 503-931-5288


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