Aug 25

[Sprague Band News] Changes to Marching Band Schedule

Sorry for the short notice but I was just advised of some changes to the marching band schedule. Some football games and soccer games have been added to the schedule next week.  We will need to readjust rehearsal times.

Friday Aug. 26     Rehearsal is over at 9:00pm

Monday August 29   Rehearsal is 8:30 – 4:00

Sept. 1  Rehearsal is 8:30 – 4:00

All other times are good as planned at this time. I will advise if there are any other changes to the schedule as soon as I am aware of them.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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Aug 23

[Sprague Band News] PCI Sponsorship

Greeting band and guard family!

As many of you know, it’s PCI planning time!  There are lots of awesome ways you can help out, and here is one:

your family would like to sponsor a trophy for one of the rounds of
competition it’s time to get those arrangements made!  Trophy
sponsorship starts at just $60 and your student gets to present the
trophy to the winning band!  It really is a neat experience for everyone

Please email for more details!

Thank you!!

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Aug 22

[Sprague Band News] PCI

Hello and welcome back to another amazing year!

As many of you know, PCI is coming up October 1.  If you don’t know what PCI is, this year is the 35th Anniversary of the Pacific Coast Invitational, the marching band competition we host each year, and our major fundraiser.  Currently, we have 7 bands registered, although we expect several more. This is a HUGE undertaking, and we need many many hands to make the work light. Please plan to come hear what is happening, where we are in the planning, and what is next.

AND, if you are so moved, we are in need of someone to organize volunteers.  That would require someone to work with the committee chairs, create an online volunteer spot, and manage a booth the day of PCI to check volunteers in the day of.  I’ve also had a couple of emails from parents willing to help the day of, but we have a ton of other little things that will need to be done between now and the day of.  We are planning a meeting this Thursday, Aug. 25, at 7pm, in the Oly Forum, across the hall from the main office.  Please plan to come to hear what’s happening and how you can help!

In addition, if you have a business willing to sponsor PCI, would like to sponsor a trophy, or purchase an ad, please check out the attached business sponsor form attached.  I will have last year’s program at the meeting Thursday if you would like to see an example.  If/when you are ready to purchase a space, you can put the order form and payment in the Booster’s box in the band hall or mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

I look forward to seeing you ALL there Thursday!!

Misty Rowland

Aug 19

[Sprague Band News] Marching Band Update

Parents and musicians might find comfort in knowing that due to the expected heat tomorrow we will not be going outside to practice. Please report to the band room at 9 am.

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Aug 18

[Sprague Band News] Night Of Champions Update

The Sprague Administration
has determined that the heat index for Friday is too extreme for an
outside event.  Therefore the Night of Champions is cancelled.  Do not
show up at Sprague Friday evening.

Do show up Saturday morning at 9:00 if you are a new marcher. All percussion and all color guard should also be there Saturday morning. It will be cooler Saturday morning but it will get hot. We will try to have water available but please be sure to bring something to stay hydrated.


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Aug 18

[Sprague Band News] Marching Band Camp

Just a quick reminder that Marching Band Camp begins Saturday August 20 at 9 am for all NEW marchers, ALL percussion and ALL color guard. Please be sure to bring your registration forms if you haven’t already sent them in. Janelle Woodring will be there to collect forms.

Also, please be sure to bring water. It’s going to be HOT.


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Aug 16

[Sprague Band News] Night of Champions

Attention All Band Students –

Friday evening August 19th Sprague is hosting Night of Champions. This is an event to honor the fall sports and gear up for the new year. The band has been requested to come play during the event. Dr. Greenwood has requested that all band students who are available on short notice to arrive in the band room at 5:15 to warm up. We anticipate being done about 6:30. This is an all band event, not just marching band. It will be a pep rally sort of thing. You do not need to wear any special uniform but band shirts (if you have them) are appreciated. Please be sure to bring your intrument.

Sorry for the short notice and we look forward to seeing you Friday.

Here is a link to the event website:

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Aug 08

[Sprague Band News] Band Schedule

I just realized I didn’t attach the schedule.  Sorry for another email.  Kory


Sprague Oly Marching Band Camp Information and Schedule

Saturday, Aug. 20    9:00am – 1:00pm (includes all new marchers winds, percussion and color guard) Bring a 1 inch binder with at least 20 page protectors.  Bring instrument.

Week One
Monday, August 22       2:00pm – 10:00pm
2:00pm    All Percussion (upper classmen and freshmen)
All Color Guard
All new wind marchers
6:00pm    All old members arrive
Tuesday, August 23    2:00pm – 10:00pm
2:00pm    All Percussion (upper classmen and freshmen)
All Color Guard
All new wind marchers
4:00pm    All old members arrive
W-F Aug. 24 – 26    2:00 – 10:00pm    All Members
Saturday, Aug 27    9:00am – 1:00pm    All Members

Week Two
M-Th Aug. 29–Sep.1    2:00pm – 10:00pm    All Members
Friday, Sept. 2    12:00pm – 5:00pm    All Members
Monday Sept. 5    6:00 – 8:00pm    All Members

How to Prepare!!!  IMPORTANT
1.    Get instrument in good working order.  (replace pads if needed, get good reeds, oil valves etc.)
2.    Play the instrument.  Listen to recordings of professional musicians.
3.    Get active. Eat nutrition-rich foods. Drink water
4.    Set a metronome at 72.  Move your feet up and down in tempo. Try to hit the ground with your heel, lightly.  Hold your upper body steady.

What to bring!!!   EACH ITEM IS IMPORTANT
1.    Lots of water
2.    Eat Breakfast and Lunch
3.    A protective hat
4.    Sunscreen
5.    Dinner
6.    Good walking\running shoes and socks (no bare feet or sandals)
7.    Sunglasses
8.    Snacks
9.    Your marching instrument.  Good reeds.  Mouthpiece. Valve oil
10.    A pencil and highlighter
11.    A positive attitude that is ready to try new things with new friends.
12.    A 1 inch binder with at least 20 page protectors.  Bring instrument.

Aug 08

[Sprague Band News] Band Updates

Good morning all –

Just a few quick items as we approach the beginning of the band season.

The next Band Booster meeting is this Thursday August 11 in the Oly
Forum (across from the business office at Sprague) at 7 pm. Please feel
free to join us and see what Band Boosters do. If you have agenda items
that I need to include please email me.

2) If you have not
registered for Marching Band or Colorguard yet and intend to do so
please let me know immediately. Dr. Greenwood is working with all the
other instructors and show writers to put together a fantastic African
themed show this year but we need to know exactly how many kids there
will be on the field. If the fee for participating has you second
guessing whether your child can participate please feel free to contact
Janelle at and she can work out arrangements
with you. We don’t want money to be a barrier to performing.

We are still looking for a Food Parent to organize a group of people to
prepare and serve food about a dozen times during the entire season.
This is an extremely important and rewarding position but it does
require some organization skills and the ability to work with some
dietary restrictions. If you are interested in obtaining more
information on what is required please feel free to reply back or show
up at the meeting Thursday. Janelle did it last year and did a fantastic
job. I’m sure she would be happy to give you lots of helpful input.

Band camp begins for new members on Saturday August 20 and for all
members Monday August 22. I have attached the schedule again. If you
have any questions on this please feel free to ask.

5) Pacific
Coast Invitational in Saturday October 1. This is the biggest fund
raiser for the Band and Colorguard all year and takes many volunteers to
be successful. If you are available to help please email and Misty will find a spot for you. No matter what
your talent, we have a spot you can help. Even if you can only help for a
couple hours we can find something for you to do. If you are willing to
be a sponsor, or know somebody who would be, please visit and go to the PCI page and print out the sponsorship
form. You can sponsor anything from a trophy to the entire season.

Music Day is Saturday September 10. This is a district-wide fundraiser.
Participation by ALL band students is required. Pleas mark this on your
calendar and there will be more information coming in the next couple
weeks. The biggest thing we will need for this event to be a success is
drivers. If you have a large vehicle (van, Suburban, Tahoe, etc) and
would be willing to drive a group of band members that day please let me
know and I will put you on the list.

Thank you for your support and dedication to making this year the best season yet.


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Aug 02

[Sprague Band News] Marching Band Camp Information

Good afternoon all and welcome to August!

As we begin the month I’m sure many of you are thinking of vacation and hot weather. Well we at the Sprague Olympian Marching Band and Colorguard are too but we are also gearing up for Marching Band Camp. We have received many registration forms but there are still many that are missing. If your child is planning on participating in Marching Band we need to know as soon as possible. It is imperative that we know the exact number of people who will be participating so our drill writer can write the show for the appropriate number of people. If you forgot to send in your registration materials it’s certainly not too late. If you are concerned about the fee please contact the Band Booster Treasurer and she will be able to assist you in making a plan that will work for your budget.

Attached are a couple of pages to help your child prepare for Marching Band Camp. Please read through them carefully because returning members need to arrive at different times than new members on several of the days listed. I have also attached a corrected copy of the schedule of dates and events for the season as it stands right now. The original one had some incorrect days listed which caused some serious confusion.

Also, we are still in need of a Food Parent. This position is one of the most important and fulfilling positions in the Booster organization. This person will coordinate a team of volunteers to plan, prepare and serve food to the band and guard during home football games and each of the competitions. If you are interested in this appointed position please contact me as soon as possible. We can’t let the kids go hungry after all the work they put into these events. It may sound like a daunting task but there are lots of people who are willing to help. Just nobody who has said they will be the lead.

We are looking forward to a great season and are excited about the new members. If you have any questions on this information please feel free to contact me.


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