Sep 26

Pacific Coast Invitational

For information on the Pacific Coast Invitational marching band competition, please see the “PCI” menu (up top).

Jun 18

2014/15 Info for Parents


Welcome to the 2014/15 Sprague Band year of activities. Two new documents are available.

Introduction to the Band and Colorguard Boosters 2014

2014 Marching Band Fee Contract

Payments are due as follows:
Deposit: July 18, 2014
Paid in Full: August 18, 2014

Apr 18

[Sprague Band News] How to order concert wear

This post contains instructions on how to obtain suitable concert attire.


The Sprague standard black concert dress is available from: “Tuxedo Wholesaler”.
This is the URL for their online order form.
The dress style is “Jordan – Classical”. It must be Black only – not the purple or blue one.
Cost: $57.50 plus shipping.
The web page has a sizing chart and measurement instructions.
This is the required concert dress for Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Symphony. It is also suitable (though not required) for Symphonic Band. Since they’re lightly worn, one concert dress will likely last your entire career at Sprague. It is machine-washable. Since we always use this same dress style, it can be resold to another student after graduation. Your dress will need to be hemmed to length after it is delivered.


The standard concert attire for men (all ensembles) is a plain black tuxedo, black bow tie, and white tux shirt.  No vest or cummerbund. Suspenders are your option. Tuxes can often be found at local formal shops, or vendors such as:
or Uniformal Wearhouse

Costs are comparable to that of a concert dress.

Buy the cheapest plain black tux you can find, and you’ll look fine on stage. You’ll also be in good shape for any formal social event. After you’ve rented a tux once or twice, you might as well have owned one outright.

Please direct any specific personal questions or issues to Dr. Greenwood.


Sep 26

[Sprague Band News] PCi Call Time & Pick Up Info

Hey Band Family!

PCI is almost here!!  We’ve got nice weather tomorrow, and it’s going to be a great day, so let’s get right to what you need to know:

Call Times:
7am – Student Band Hosts
8am – Colorguard
9am – Percussion
10am – Remainder of Marching Band Students

Lunch, Dinner & Snacks will be provided by the food crew (11am lunch, 5pm dinner)

Bring:  BLACK SOCKS for marchers, tights and makeup for guard, anything you need to make your day go well

Sprague Campus is going to be A ZOO tomorrow – plan on parking off site at Kaiser Permanente and taking the shuttle over if you’re a spectator or volunteer, the free shuttle starts approximately 10:15am – drop off your student in plenty of time for them to navigate their way to the band room with all the traffic.

The campus is ONE WAY all day – Go in through the Kuebler Entrance, and out at the back gate.

Picking up your student:
ALL students are required to stay and help clean up – many hands make light work!  They should already know who they are to check in with after Final Awards – if they have questions, they need to stop in Headquarters and ask.  Please make sure that your student stays for this very important task – there are many, many volunteers that will arrive in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow, and they will stay all day – Everyone will be tired, but clean up is a necessary evil, so lend a hand!

Thank you ALL for making this a great day – have fun!!
  A special thank you to our chairman this year Mr. Tom Bowers!!  If you see him during the event, please make sure and say thanks for all the hard work!!

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Sep 25

[Sprague Band News] PCI needs tables & popups!

Please email: if you have any pop ups or tables to loan for this Saturday for PCI – we appreciate it very much!!!

THANK YOU for helping out!!

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Sep 18

[Sprague Band News] Attention ALL PCI Volunteers!!!

Hello all volunteers for PCI!
There will be a meeting on Wednesday, September 24th at 6:00 pm at Sprague, in the Library for all volunteers for PCI.  Please join us!  
This is your opportunity to ask questions of your coordinator, find out where to check in, what to wear, how to park and what to bring.  It should only take a few minutes, so please stop by!
If you are unable to attend, please email:
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday evening!
Amy Nasset,
PCI Volunteer Coordinator

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Sep 18

[Sprague Band News] PCI & Competition Equipment Needs

Equipment Needs:

We have equipment needs for PCI.  To stage an event this big, we need lots of the following items:

Pop-Up Tent Awnings and   Folding Tables (No Card Tables)

If you have either or both of these items to loan for the event, we would be very grateful to borrow them.  

The band will also need tables for its competition events through Nov 1.  If you are able to loan them until after the final event, that would be even better – please let us know when you drop your tables off.  

Drop off location:  Field House (the building at the south end of the stadium – the one with the scoreboard)  Pull into the sophomore lot and park at the top – you’ll see the back doors open at drop off times.

When:  Wednesday, September 24 - 5:30pm to 6:00pm, and also directly after the Volunteer Meeting the same evening – or – September 27 (PCI Morning) by 7:00AM 

Please make sure everything is labeled with your name and phone number.  If the item comes with a carry bag, please mark both the item and the bag.

If you could e-mail us and let us know you have something we can borrow that would be helpful so we make sure we have enough:

Thanks so much for all of your efforts to make PCI a great success this year!

Tom Bowers,

PCI Chair

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Sep 17

[Sprague Band News] Needed: Chaperones for Bus Trips & Overnight Trip

Greetings Band Family,

We are in need of some chaperones to help with the bus rides to and from our competitions this year.

The dates are:  October 11th and November 1st – We need four chaperones each.  Please let me know if you are available for duty!

Also – we need one more female and two more male chaperones for the overnight trip to Grant’s Pass on October 18th.  Thank you to Jan Soper & Judi Liechty who have already signed up for this fun adventure

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These chaperones will ride the buses with the students in the morning,  have the competition portion of the day to watch the shows and goof off (the band moms and directors will take the students for the day), and then stay overnight with the students at the elementary school in Grant’s Pass.  They will then ride back with the students on Sunday morning.  Don’t worry, we’ll feed you!! 

All chaperones MUST have their volunteer background check completed with the Salem-Keizer School district prior to departure.

Please email: for more information or to sign up!!  THANK YOU!!!

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Sep 15


Please note the following for this evening:

Rehearsal time is 6:00pm – 8:00pm for percussion and winds.

Colorguard rehearsal time is 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

The reason for the change is due to the air quality – We will not be outside unless there is a huge wind shift. 

All students attend.

Thank you,

Dr. Greenwood

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Sep 15

[Sprague Band News] PCI Meeting this Wednesday

There will be a PCI planning meeting this Wednesday, September 17 at 6pm in the Forum – the board room directly across from the main office.

Please join us for last minute plans and updates!!

Thank you!

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Sep 13

[Sprague Band News] Next Week Schedule Reminders

Just a few reminders….

Students have rehearsals:

Monday, September 15:  6pm – 8:30pm
Wednesday, September 17:  6pm – 8:30pm
Saturday, September 20:  9am – 2pm

Thanks for getting students here and there and everywhere they need to be – The show is shaping up nicely and looking great!

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Sep 10

[Sprague Band News] Sprague Band & Guard Booster Shirts

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