May 30

[Sprague Band News] Update to Tuesday call time – Wind Emsemble

Wind Ensemble:  update your call time to Crossler tomorrow evening to 7pm.  You will perform right after their jazz bands at 730!!

Students suiting up in marching uniforms:   Meet me at the portable at 6pm and bring your formalwear with you.  I’ll go with you to Crossler and take your uniforms with me when you change for your performance.  Thanks!

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May 24

[Sprague Band News] Symphonic band attendees please note

Tomorrows performance will be held in Hudson Hall.  Hudson Hall is located in the Mary Rogers Stuart Music Center.
A reminder to all of the symphonic band students who will be in attendance that they should leave class at 8:00am and go to the Sprague office.  The will be directed to the bus.
Thanks to all.

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May 20

[Sprague Band News] Wind Ensemble Performance

Greetinfs Band Family,

We finally have some news on a concert date for the wind ensemble to perform their beautiful piece that they prepared for state:
Willamette University
Hudson Hall
Admission Free
7:30am   Students in band room (concert attire)
8:50am Concert Begins
10:00am  Concert Over
Let me know if you have questions!!

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May 09

[Sprague Band News] Opinions Please

Mr. Swanson and I had a conversation a few minutes ago regarding Sprague’s Administration hosting a concert for the Full Symphony and the Wind Ensemble to perform the pieces they have worked so hard on for the past several months.  He understands completely that this in no way makes up for the loss of the state performance, but it’s what we can do given the circumstances.  He’s already reached out to Willamette University, and the following days are available for our kids to perform in their venue:

May 17, 18 or 19
May 24, 25, 26, 27
The day would look something like:  Call time, 8am for students, warm up and performances at 10am.  Invite everyone you know – friends, family, co workers, aunt sue and uncle bob….  Students will be bused back to Sprague afterward with the potential of a reception/BBQ/meal after.  Details are still up in the air, but I really think this is a great way for our kids to feel the sincerity of our administration, as well as honor the hard work they have put into their music this year.  It should not go unnoticed or be forgotten in the mix, especially for our seniors.   

Here’s what I need you to do:  
email me at:
Tell me if a day is absolutely out of the question.
Tell me if you know of something that will get in the way of booking a particular day.
Tell me how this will work with your schedule.
I will do my best to compile this information and get it to Mr. Swanson by tomorrow night, so your speedy reply is requested!
Thanks everyone for all your understanding – Let’s all try to get on board to make this a special day for the kids! 

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May 06

[Sprague Band News] Meeting Information

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I make this report to everyone:

I attended the meeting at Sprague this afternoon with the Full Symphony and Wind Ensemble students and all the parents who could make it at such short notice.  
It was announced by Craig Swanson, our principal and Jeff Chandler, our athletic director that the Full Symphony and the Wind Ensemble have been disqualified from their state events next week per OSAA rules.  This was an eligibility problem, and for confidentiality reasons, we will likely never know the reason for this disqualification.  The appeals process has been gone through, and the OSAA decision stands.
Please join me in supporting our kids this weekend – there were many tears in the Pantheon, and for the seniors, this cannot be made whole.  Heartfelt apologies were extended by Mr. Swanson and I am under the understanding that this was an adult error, not any individual student’s fault.
I’m so sorry for your students:  I had the absolute pleasure of attending the state qualifying festival a few weeks ago and our Wind Ensemble was PHENOMENAL.  Your kids *knew* they reached out to the audience and touched them.  
For all “my” band kids:  You should be proud of yourself and your hard work.  You are fantastic and amazing people, and not one person can take that away from you.  I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the world!!  Hold your head high, because you did nothing wrong.  Adults are dumb sometimes and I’m so very sorry it’s come at your expense.  My heart is with all of you as you process this in your own way.  
A make up performance has been promised by the Sprague Administration at a location and time to be announced.  The students and Dr. Greenwood will talk about their next step in class on Monday, so come prepared with your thoughts.
Thank you.
If you have comments, please email me at:

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May 06

[Sprague Band News] Jazz Festival


This is just an FYI in case your student didn’t let you know:  Jazz band will not be going to the Mt. Hood Jazz festival tomorrow (May 7) because several students had personal conflicts and couldn’t make it!
See you at Jazz night on June 4 – details for this fun evening to come!!

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May 05

[Sprague Band News] Last Minute News

Craig Swanson, Sprague’s principal has asked for a meeting with all wind ensemble students and parents.  

The meeting will be in the Sprague Band room at 2:30 on Friday May 6.  Anyone who can make it, is absolutely welcome.
Many, many apologies for this very late notice, I just found out about it myself.  I will attend this meeting and report via email as soon as the meeting concludes.
Thank you,
Anne Nelson

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May 04

[Sprague Band News] Sprague Band & Colorguard Boosters Annual Meeting Announcement

Greetings all!

The Sprague Band Boosters are holding their “annual meeting” on Thursday, May 12th at 7:00pm in the forum.  We will be electing officers and appointing positions for our next fiscal year (starts July 1), as well as discussing and passing a budget for the same time frame.  
Here are a list of folks that have stepped forward to fill our board and appointments:
President:  Kory Knox
Vice President:  Sean Davison
Treasurer:  Janelle Woodring
Secretary:  Pam Stroebel-Powers
Parent Liaison:  Carolyn Palacios
Fundraising Chair:  Angie Kemme
Food:  Angie Knox
Equipment:  Mark Woodring
Band Parents: Meilssa Buyserie (lead), Bitsy Bullock, Pam Stroebel-Powers
Guard parent:  (vacant)
Band Day Chair:  Angie Kemme
PCI Chair:  Misty Rowland (already seated, April, 2016)
Please email me if you have any questions!

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Apr 17

[Sprague Band News] Annual Rummage Sale – April 30

Greetings Band & Guard Families!

Please note that our annual rummage sale is Saturday, April 30 in the Commons at Sprague.  This is an all band and guard fundraiser and profits will go towards the general fund!
We need YOU to help make this work.  Here’s how:
1,  Below are several shifts that need to be covered by adult volunteers and students – please pick something out and email me your choice
2.  Friday, April 29 we will set up in the Commons – and this is your opportunity to drop off donations.  We will be available from 4pm – 7pm for drop off.  If you have donations, but can’t make it inside this time frame or items you want to donate but can’t get them to Sprague on Friday – EMAIL ME – we can arrange something.
3.  Come shopping!  The sale will run from 8:30am – 3pm
4.  Have a “collection of plastic bags” hanging around?  Please bring it on Friday!
5.  Tell your friends, family, neighbors, relatives, cousins, work peeps….you get the idea!  I”m also posting it on craigslist, so we will have lots of traffic!
THANK YOU for your help with this – we can’t make this happen without all of you!
Questions?  Shift volunteer?  Have stuff?  email:
Shifts available:
Friday:  330pm – 730pm – need at least five for set up – more welcome!
Saturday:  8am – noon – need five
Saturday:  11:30 – 3:30pm - need five
Saturday:  Clean up crew 3:30pm – load up trucks and drop off leftovers at goodwill
THANK YOU for your help with this – we can’t make this happen without all of you!

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Apr 11

[Sprague Band News] Band & Guard Rummage Sale April 30

Hello band family!

Coming up at the end of April we have an opportunity for you to donate that pile of stuff you don’t know what to with!  Our annual rummage sale will be held at Sprague, in the Commons on Saturday, April 30.  We will set up and take donations on Friday afternoon beforehand.  
A few facts:
This is an all band and guard fundraiser, and helps defray the costs of everything from buses to instrument purchases.  
We need volunteers to help both Friday afternoon and Saturday.
Anything in usable repair is appropriate – from furniture to kitchen gadgets to household goods.  And yes, please ask around your family!
There’s lots of different ways to help out – just email me!
Put it on your calendar and make plans to lend a hand – we need you, your old stuff and of course, plan to come by and check out the treasures!  
If you have questions, please email me at!!  More emails will follow with volunteer shifts opportunities and donation information.  Thank for helping make this a success!!

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