Sep 26

Pacific Coast Invitational

For information on the Pacific Coast Invitational marching band competition, please see the “PCI” menu (up top).

Jun 18

2014/15 Info for Parents


Welcome to the 2014/15 Sprague Band year of activities. Two new documents are available.

Introduction to the Band and Colorguard Boosters 2014

2014 Marching Band Fee Contract

Payments are due as follows:
Deposit: July 18, 2014
Paid in Full: August 18, 2014

Apr 18

[Sprague Band News] How to order concert wear

This post contains instructions on how to obtain suitable concert attire.


The Sprague standard black concert dress is available from: “Tuxedo Wholesaler”.
This is the URL for their online order form.
The dress style is “Jordan – Classical”. It must be Black only – not the purple or blue one.
Cost: $57.50 plus shipping.
The web page has a sizing chart and measurement instructions.
This is the required concert dress for Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Symphony. It is also suitable (though not required) for Symphonic Band. Since they’re lightly worn, one concert dress will likely last your entire career at Sprague. It is machine-washable. Since we always use this same dress style, it can be resold to another student after graduation. Your dress will need to be hemmed to length after it is delivered.


The standard concert attire for men (all ensembles) is a plain black tuxedo, black bow tie, and white tux shirt.  No vest or cummerbund. Suspenders are your option. Tuxes can often be found at local formal shops, or vendors such as:
or Uniformal Wearhouse

Costs are comparable to that of a concert dress.

Buy the cheapest plain black tux you can find, and you’ll look fine on stage. You’ll also be in good shape for any formal social event. After you’ve rented a tux once or twice, you might as well have owned one outright.

Please direct any specific personal questions or issues to Dr. Greenwood.


Feb 05

[Sprague Band News] band/Guard Booster Meeting Reminder

Just a friendly reminder and invitation to our monthly Booster meeting on Thursday, February 12th at 7pm in the Forum (the boardroom across from the main office).

Please join us – should be a short meeting and agenda items include:
Reports from the treasurer and fundraising chair’
Winterguard Update
Rummage Sale Planning
Jazz Cabaret Planning
Please don’t hesitate to email me for more info – or just come to the meeting!  Plenty of senior parents are moving on this year, and we have a host of volunteer positions to fill for next year – please consider lending a hand!!  It’s really fun and rewarding –  and personally – I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with some great people over the years, all the while cheering our students on!!  Win/Win!!
Anne Nelson

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Feb 04

[Sprague Band News] Pictures for the Yearbook

Hello Band family!

If you have any pictures of band activities this year, would you please email them to:
Jeffrey Beach is gathering some for the yearbook.

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Jan 26

[Sprague Band News] Wind Ensemble Camp THIS weekend

Greetings Band Family,

Our Wind Ensemble is having camp this weekend, with a guest director!!  Dr. Greenwood has sent information home a few times with students, but here’s a quick summary:
Friday January 30:  2:30pm – 4:30pm, Band Room

Saturday, January 31:  9:00am – 3:00pm, Band Room
Lunch will be provided on Saturday.  

Please get your $50.00 payment into the band box ASAP – thank you!!

Thank you!

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Jan 06

[Sprague Band News] Booster Meeting this Thursday

Happy New Year!

We are having a regular business meeting of the Sprague Band & Colorguard Boosters this Thursday, January 8 at 7pm in the Forum (that’s the board room across from the main office).

All are welcome to attend – agenda items are few and it should be a quick meeting!

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Dec 16

[Sprague Band News] Concert

Holiday Greetings to all,

Just a quick reminder that the Winter concert is tonight at 7pm in the Pantheon.  Student call time is 6:30.
Pam will be in the front hall outside the Pantheon with buttons and t shirts from PCI – if you missed the opportunity to check these items out at PCI, now is your opportunity!
Amy will also be there with tickets for a 50/50 cash raffle – some lucky person is going home with half the cash collected this evening!!
I wish you all a happy Holiday season – thank you to all the wonderful volunteers of this program for making it great!  We couldn’t do it without you!!
Enjoy and Be Merry,

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Dec 12

[Sprague Band News] Call time and details for the parade & concert

Parade Details:

Call time at Sprague:  3:30 pm (if you are one of the few that need a uniform, show up at 2:45)
Return to Sprague:  approximately 9:00 pm
We will depart Sprague at about 4:15 and head to McNary where the staging is.  
The students will be given a light snack – water, string cheese, trail mix and a treat – and step off for the parade sometime after 7:00 pm depending on the order of the procession.  
Guard captains have information on what guard is wearing.
We have lights on all the uniforms, and extras for percussion – if you’d like to light up your instrument, please bring your own battery pack lights and batteries!!  I’ve seen them at Walmart, Fred Meyer and even the Dollar Store.
The route winds through Keizer, and you can find more information here:
Don’t forget to bring your black sox to wear with your uniform and please make sure you’re fed, hydrated and ready to have a good time!!  
The dress rehearsal scheduled Monday evening has been cancelled.  Please join us for the Winter Concert on Tuesday, December 16th at 7:00 pm.  (student call time 6:30 pm)

Thank you!

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Dec 12

[Sprague Band News] Fundraiser Reminder

The butter braid fundraiser is due Saturday at parade call time.  The order will be put through Saturday evening for delivery next Friday.  

If you have an order ready to go, please make sure to give it directly to Amy Nasset tomorrow at parade call time!!!
If you have questions, or need help, please email:

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Dec 02

[Sprague Band News] Butter Braids for Holiday Breakfast

Holiday Greetings to all band, colorguard, and winterguard parents,
students and alumni!  

Have you ever had a delicious, warm, ooe-hy, gooey butter braid straight from the oven?!?  For those that have, you know what kind of yum that is….for those that haven’t, here’s your chance to experience this little delight!!  (They are AMAZING – and would be fantastic for an easy holiday breakfast!!)

Students are
selling Butter Braids, Pastry Puffins and cookie dough to benefit their individual student accounts.  If
your student wants to participate please have them pick up a packet from the
band room starting Monday, December 1, 2014.
  For students who are not in band class at
Sprague this semester, stop by after school!   All Band, Colorguard and Winterguard members can participate in
the Butter Braid fundraiser – just get a packet and start selling!!  Sales begin immediately.

Each item is $13.00 and $5.50 from each will go towards your student’s account – collect payment when you are taking orders, with checks made out to Sprague Band Boosters.  Cash & Checks only.


December 12th,
2014 - turn in your order to the band box with the money collected

December 19th, 2014 – pick up orders - items will be frozen and need to be kept that way, so please stay tuned for pick up information at the conclusion of the sale.

Thanks & Good Luck,

Amy Nasset

Fundraising Chair, Sprague Band & Guard Boosters

have questions?  email:

Cooking directions & allergy information is available on the Butter Braid fundraising company, Oak Tree Fundraising webside,

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Nov 21

[Sprague Band News] Amazon and Holiday Shopping


Remember, if you are holiday shopping on this season, PLEASE click on FIRST!!  Follow our link to Amazon, and the band gets a small donation from Amazon.

Doesn’t cost you any more, same great service, same prices, same everything – you just have to click THROUGH our site and the band earns a little extra cash.  Even gift card purchases are eligible!!


pssst – pass it on!!  Post it on your FaceBook?  How about telling your favorite sister who does ALL her shopping online now?  Maybe remind Aunt Sue to use the link when she’s checking out the black Friday deals after turkey dinner next Thursday?

tip:  Even if you fill your cart, and forgot to click on the link, there is still hope!!  Exit your browser, go back in and go to and follow the Amazon link – your cart should still be there with all your goodies!!  As long as you haven’t completed the transaction, you can still link through the website.

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Nov 19

[Sprague Band News] reminder for tomorrow

Just a reminder that the booster meeting is rescheduled for tomorrow – Thursday night at 7pm in the Forum.  We we do a quick fall wrap up and discuss plans for Winterguard!

Please join us!

Also – if you loaned tables or pop ups for PCI or the marching season, Diane will be in the field house from 6:30 – 6:55 pm tomorrow evening so that you can pick them up!  Remember, if you need them for extra people at Thanksgiving, this is your chance to get them!!  Thanks!!

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